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Upcoming Board Meetings

Tuesday, June 6th at 6pm

Special meeting of the Board of Directors


Wednesday, June 21st at 6:00 PM

Regular meeting of the Board of Directors. 

Agendas and packets will be posted here once finalized.

Herbicide Application - Week of May 21, 2023

(specific date to be determined based on weather and posted to the website)

ARK Ecological Services will be in the District  on Monday May 22 and Tuesday May 23nd to apply herbicides throughout the community. The post-emergent herbicides Transline (Signal Word: Caution), Imazapic (Signal Word: Caution), LV-6D (Signal Word: Caution) will be used to control broadleaf  weeds around trees and near fence lines.   The focus will be on some areas in Roxborough and Chatfield Farms along streams and around some of the ponds. Some riparian areas in Roxborough may also be sprayed with Milestone (Signal Word: Caution) and Weedar (Signal Word: Danger)  and possibly Imazapic (Signal word: Caution). Weeds we have been seeing include Redstem Filaree, Poison Hemlock, Dandelions, Canada Thistle, Musk Thistle, Scotch Thistle, Alfalfa, Common Mallow, Houndstougue, Kochia, and a few others. We may also begin some work on the lower portions of the hogback. 

Herbicides will be marked with a blue dye.  Yellow "Pesticide Warning" flags will be posted at major entrances into the open space, along trails, and at key locations to let adjacent property owners and others know about the herbicide applications.  Flags have the date sprayed, the herbicides sprayed, and the signal word posted on the back of the flag.  Please stay out of sprayed areas until dry - usually about 15 -30 minutes.

UPDATE Village Circle East / West Intersection Asphalt Work -

Delayed Indefinitely

Due to unforeseen complications caused by Xcel’s gas line project in the area, the work planned for the week of April 24th is now being delayed indefinitely.   Traffic control for the Xcel gas line extends from the South entrance of Village Circle East North almost to Waterton Road. 


Additional notifications will be provided once the work is rescheduled.


Click HERE for more information.

Community Request

In recent months we have seen an increase in vandalism and graffiti in our community.  This includes damage to fields and common areas from vehicles, graffiti in the skate park and other areas, and port-o-lets being tipped over.  Graffiti has a significant negative impact on the community.  Vandalism increases the community’s perception of crime, reduces community pride and displaces funds which could be spent elsewhere.

  • In 2022 the District spent more than $7,000 removing graffiti and repairing or replacing damaged property in our community.  For reference, that represents approximately seven new trees that could have been planted.


Your Metro District is asking for your help.


  • If you see vandalism happening, call 911 to report.  

    • The police need to know when vandalism is happening so they can increase patrols in impacted areas and catch those responsible.​

  • If you see vandalism after it has happened call our Business Manager at 303-987-0835.

    • Reporting allows us to quickly address vandalism and remove graffiti

      • Rapid removal is a “best practice” in reducing graffiti and can take away the thrill that vandals get in seeing their vandalism on display.


Metro District property is community property.  The parks, playgrounds, ballfields, and open space are for our enjoyment. Help us protect our shared property.  If you SEE something, SAY something.  Your awareness is very important in the preservation of our parks and community. 




Traffic Concerns and Complaints

The District has had several concerns from residents about traffic within the District, including people exceeding the posted speed limits.  The Board met with the Douglas County Sheriff's Department in January to discuss this issue.  The Sheriff’s office recommended residents take the below steps: 

If you see a bad driver or have a concern or complaint about drivers, call our Traffic Safety Hotline at 303-660-7539.

Please leave the following information on the Hotline:

  • Detailed description of the traffic problem.

  • Exact the location where the traffic problem occurred.

  • Include information about the time of day and date of the problem.

  • Leave your name and contact information.

Your information helps the traffic division deal with bad drivers in a timely manner. It also allows them to collect and analyze statistics so deputies can target areas with the most complaints. 

For more information about Traffic Concerns and Complaints, please visit:

Foothills Intergovernmental Agreement for Roxborough Village District use of Foothills Recreation Amenities for 2023 
The RVMD has an agreement with the Foothills Park & Recreation District for Roxborough Village Metropolitan District residents to receive Foothills resident rates on all Foothills admission fees, passes and classes. To receive reduced rates for Facility Use – a Foothills I.D. card is required.

  • RVMD residents will need to get a Foothills I.D. card.

  • You are required to show your Foothills I.D. card at each visit to receive reduced admission.

  • A Recreation I.D. Card may be obtained at Lilley Gulch Recreation Center, Ridge Recreation Center or Peak Community & Wellness Center.

  • A Golf I.D. Card may be obtained at Meadows Golf Club or Foothills Golf Course.

  • There is no charge for I.D. cards. Foothills I.D. cards are for the convenience of our patrons. The I.D. card will verify your reduced rates. Youth, age 9 and older must present a Foothills I.D. card to receive reduced rates.

  • If you have a current Foothills I.D. card, please alert staff that you are a RVMD resident to receive Foothills resident rates.

  • To receive reduced rates for Classes – create an account in our registration system.

Please visit the Foothills Park & Recreation District for more information.

Roxborough Water and Sanitation District Rampart Range Road Transmission Main Replacement Project


Updates regarding the project can be found at

A map of the construction is available at


Playground Updates

Caution sign

The Community Park and Airplane Park playgrounds are closed until further notice. Upon inspection, it was determined that Community Park and Airplane Park playgrounds are no longer safe for use.

Airplane Park- The Board has requested proposals to conduct the repairs needed; once received and approved the work will be done as soon as possible.

Moving Forward- The Board is reviewing options for new playgrounds,  including several grant options. The Board is weighing several game plans; once they have decided on their plan moving forward we will post that information here.

Playground Safety Surveys

Wildfire Mitigation Strategies

The RVMD Board encourages everyone to review the community wildfire plan as well as sign up for the CodeRED Emergency Mass Notification system. Sign up for CodeRED

Having a plan in place can allow for a faster and safer evacuation in case of an emergency.  Below are links to West Metro Fire, Douglas County Sheriff, and FEMA. This information is vital, not only during an urban interface fire, but other disasters as well.

Stay safe and healthy."

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