Due to Roxborough Village Metro District emergency water main repairs, the easternmost lane of northbound Rampart Range Road will be closed beginning Monday, May 23, 2022 and may continue to be closed through Thursday, May 26, 2022, depending on how quickly the repairs can be made. Thank you.


Director Election results below.

Wildfire Mitigation Strategies


Calvin Brown, RVMD Board President & 19-Year Veteran of the Fire Service

Letter from RVMD Board President, Calvin Brown

"The recent fires in Boulder County and the one involving our neighbors back in December, remind us how quickly tragedy can strike. I encourage everyone to review the community wildfire plan as well as sign up for the code red notification system.  Having a plan in place can allow for a faster and safer evacuation in case of an emergency.  Below are links to West Metro Fire,  Douglas County Sheriff, and FEMA. This information is vital, not only during a urban interface fire, but other disasters as well.

Stay safe and healthy."

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May 3, 2022 Election - Updated

On May 3, 2022 Roxborough Village Metropolitan District held a regular special district election to elect three (3) Directors to each serve a three (3) year term on the RVMD Board of Directors. The unofficial results from the election deem Mr. Mathew Hart, Mr. Travis C. Jensen and Mr. Mark Rubic as the three incoming Board members. Please note that these results are considered unofficial until the final canvass and certification have been completed. 


Recreation Center Effort Concludes

The Roxborough Village Metropolitan District Community Master Plan is Complete!

At the August 17, 2021 Board meeting, the Roxborough Village Metropolitan District Board of Directors voted unanimously to not place the recreation center question on the November ballot. The community was vocal about its opposition and the cost of the proposed facility was ultimately greater than anticipated. The Board's decision was based on more than 18 months of financial and design analysis as well as positive and negative feedback from hundreds of residents.

Community Updates

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31 people evacuated after fire destroys multiple homes near Roxborough Park | FOX31 Denver (